Our principles

Principle of Keçicik® is to present the highest quality products produced in modern conditions and under professional management, in order to be able to grow with continuous development and improvement based on local and foreign customer satisfaction. By not giving up on continuing the scientific research and scientific production, the company won’t allow the violation of the principle of integrity.

* Being innovative, providing sustainability in following and applying innovations.

* Continuity of leader quality in the industry, being the leader in supplying the new and high quality products to our customers.

* Being sensitive while managing, being conscious while producing, being accountable while consuming, being open heart while earning.

* Being fair, honest, value the hardwork and being decisive to apply all these.

* Being faithful to our national values and prioritize the health of society.

Ova Evleri No: 29 Cincin Köyü KOÇARLI AYDIN / TÜRKİYE