Our Corporate Values

* Human-oriented production: Human spiritual values come at  the forefront as our main purpose before its materialistic value.

* Consumer priority: with our complete company structure, we quickly and accurately perceive the needs and expectations of our consumers, and we have an innovative approach to meet their changing expectations for a better life.

* Our human resources: the most important and valuable part of our company - human resources is built of people educated adopting national values and also in the light of innovations and quality, experienced, with sense of belongingness and ownership, open to developments regarding science, valuing the information sharing and spirit of unity, people who have adopted participatory management approach and working focused on company success.

* Environment-friendly approach: aiming to leave a livable environment for our future generation, producing with the approach to value the environment and nature, making a contribution to create a better future is written in capital letter in all stages of our company.

* Social responsibility: with the social responsibility awareness, in order to improve the quality of social life, within our company and in our social environment we have an open attitude towards all projects to support modern education, sports, culture and arts.

Ova Evleri No: 29 Cincin Köyü KOÇARLI AYDIN / TÜRKİYE