About Us

Our company Keçicik® is located in Cincin village of region Aydin. The products prepared for worldwide consumption are being produced in this location, which is selected to direct the milk for production in the shortest time.

We are continuing our research and information exchange with the Ege and Hacettepe universities, and especially with Adnan Menderes University which is located in this region. With the awareness that scentific research is the basis of high quality products, we are continuing our R&D activities.

Together with production of Turkey’s first and only baby formula, we have laid the foundation of new products as well. Research activities on the new product to be launched into the market in the near future, which is going to be produced for the first time ever in the world, are also being completed. All of our engineers, academists and staff are seriously working on this product, which is going to be our national pride.

Ova Evleri No: 29 Cincin Köyü KOÇARLI AYDIN / TÜRKİYE